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First day of School

My first day of school was quite interesting. My teachers are great.

German teacher, laid back dude in his 30’s, easy to get along with, hopefully also easy to learn from. We shall see.

My english teacher, great woman, full of positivity, yet able to put her foot down.
Doesnt strike me as the type that will put up with much bullshit from her students.
Made me her “assistant” and asked me to only speak english in class so everyone else can get used to hearing it. No problem there lol.

My math teacher is pretty strict, friendly, good sense of humor, but as I said, very strict.
She put a kid out in the hall not once but twice for talking in her very first lesson.
Which sucked for me cuz I sit right by the door and had to freeze my ass off, but oh well.
I’m a big girl, I can handle it 😛
She also didn’t waste any time and started teaching us math right in the first lesson, would have even given us homework if she hadn’t forgotten to make copies. I was actually sad I didn’t get any. (go ahead and laugh :p)

That’s all the teachers I’ve met so far, I think we’ll get one or 2 more, one is sick right now though.

As for the students, we are a class of about 26 or so. 7 girls, the rest guys.
Our first assignment for german was to interview one person we didn’t know (no problems there lol) and later introduce them to the rest of the class.
Fun exercise.
During these introductions, I picked out a few people from the crowd where I thought: “These are the people I wanna get to know” (1 girl, 4 guys)
And what do you know? In our break after the lesson, I sat at a table telling my new “friend” about things I’m sure she couldn’t care less about and as all the smokers came back upstairs, all the people I had found interesting, made their way to my table one by one, without any effort on my part.
One of them is a girl who is a member of an organization that makes and sells porn to save the rainforest.
One has over 20 spiders and a scorpion.
One is a drummer/guitarist/singer who is left-handed and wants to quit smoking.
One would make a great politician, he always thinks for a few seconds before carefully avoiding actually answering a question.
And the rest I havent yet had time to get to know.
Of course most of them are MUCH younger than me, but that only makes it more interesting.

I cant wait to go back and learn more, not only about math and whatnot, but also about my classmates. They or We have the potential to become a great group of students. Or at least not be at each others throats in a few weeks lol.

Oh and before I forget. the first day we actually got let out an hour early because the roads suddenly iced over and they wanted us to get home before it got worse. it was so bad that a girl who went outside to smoke slipped and cracked her head open and was taken away by an ambulance. As a matter of fact, from the moment that happened you could hear one ambulance after another passing the building. It was quite scary. Since I’m being picked up by my dad, I had to call him and it took him about 30 minutes to get there, so I had the pleasure of standing outside in the freezing cold for 30 minutes waiting. yay.  :/

Well I suppose that’s enough information for one day (this is actually the accumulated information of 2 days) hope I didn’t bore you too much.