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Spilling the beans

Recently I posted on Facebook that I might be getting some good news soon.
Well, I did, but I didn’t wanna say anything until everything was set in stone because I didn’t wanna set myself up for a let down again.
However, that is no longer an issue. Contracts are signed, money has been paid and tomorrow at 3
I’m picking up the keys to my new apartment! YYAAYY!
It’s a 2 bedroom, ground floor,in a house that isn’t even completely don’t being built yet.
It’s very expensive for its size, but it comes with an underground parking garage spot, some other stuff I don’t much care about and a patio adjacent to the livingroom and a chunk of backyard.
It also has a GIANT storage room in the basement (enough for my bike and ALL my strollers lol).
And about the money, I would have LOVED to get something older and cheaper, but all the places I looked at either don’t want kids in the house or didn’t want to rent to me because they are worried about my finances.
Which is ironic because by not renting to me they forced me to take something I can barely afford.
Which leads me to the only real downside, I’m gonna have to share the place with my M0m.
Not only because of finances, but more importantly, convenience.
She can’t stay with my dad (they have been divorced for almost 10 years) she can’t find her own place around here and if she has to watch my kids 4 evenings a week anyway, she might as well live with me.
Hopefully in a year or so we can change this arrangement, but it will have to work for now.

We are getting the keys a little early so we can get the place ready, since we are the first tenants there is a lot to do (don’t ask me what though, when I looked at the place it didn’t even have doors/floors yet lol)
official move-in date is march 1st, so we will have plenty of time to get the place ready, of course it helps that we don’t have a set move-out date, if it takes a few days longer to get our beds over there, it wont matter 🙂

I’m really excited and cant wait to go and look at the (mostly)  finished place tomorrow!