Sick and tired

but mostly just sick.

And not just me, the whole Family.
Well, Lee (my 3-year-old) is doing better, he has been getting antibiotics all week.
Which is just making my life harder because he is bouncing off the walls and can’t understand why mommy doesnt wanna play with him right now.
And worst of all, the baby is sick too.
It breaks my heart watching him cough and sneeze and be miserable 😦 He is too weak and tired to eat baby food, so he has been nursing more often, which I’m hoping will help him recover quickly, however, if he is not better by morning, I’m going to take him to the doctor.

On a more positive note, I weighed in today at 201.9 lbs, which is down exactly 2 lbs since last week. Im hoping to break the 200 lbs mark next week. My BMI is 27.96.
Im down 11.1 lbs since I started 5 weeks ago. Yay me!


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